If any of the following apply to you/your business:

  • Your world-changing idea, product or service isn’t getting the attention it deserves
  • You’re not entirely sure what to sell or how your business will make money
  • You feel uncomfortable with promo because you don’t wanna seem pushy or salesy
  • Your competitors are blowing you out of the water with their offerings (and savvy marketing techniques)
  • You’re overwhelmed by the amount of options, strategies and information out there and have no idea how to get started
  • You secretly believe marketing and sales are the devil…

…I’ve got you, man. I’ve been there.

And I promise you can make this work, integrity intact.

Marketing can be a force for good (no, really)

So you want to change the world, but marketing just seems so… gross.

Here’s the thing. Your life’s work depends on it.

Altruistic thinking and business savvy don’t always go hand in hand. It would be AWESOME if heart-centred charities and businesses could simply appear and get working on their mission, no heavy lifting involved.

Unfortunately, that’s not how business works (yeah, life’s not fair).

If you’re feeling the frustration and want to know how you can get the word out about your idea, product or service in a mindful, ethical and intentional way, I might just have the solutions you’ve been craving.

A little about me

First things first, I ain’t your average marketer.

I’m a psychologist at heart, trained in mindfulness meditation, and I’m obsessed with all things spiritual (my spirit animal is definitely a llama, FYI). I burn incense, own crystals, meditate daily, practice yoga… I sometimes even chant, when the mood strikes.

Hey – Mama Sams told me it’s okay to be a little different 😀

On the flip side, I’m also madly in love with digital marketing, entrepreneurship and making cold hard CASH, baby. My head is pretty much always in a business book (or attached to headphones listening to the Audible version). Tim Ferriss is my bloody idol.

I truly believe that:

  • It’s possible to use smart business strategy to make the world a better place
  • Ethical business and money-making aren’t mutually exclusive
  • The people who need their messages out there are the ones who struggle with it the most
  • Heart-centred charities, businesses and social enterprises are the future of our economy

…”But I just want to help people!”

While being a SOULopreneur myself, I quickly discovered that most of my heart-centred peers were the most philanthropic, generous and healing people around – but were totally lost when it came to business and marketing.
They had something important to say, but nobody was hearing them. They had no clue how to reach the people who needed them in order to have the impact they truly craved (and deserved).

When I think about what I want the world to look like, I imagine a place where every consumer cares about what they’re buying, who they’re buying from, and what has happened in the process of them acquiring it.

In that world, you’ve got be authentic to stand a chance of succeeding in the market. You’ve also got to be ready to embrace the life of an entrepreneur, and get to grips with the basics of business. So as a marketer, I only work with individuals, charities or companies who I feel truly embody this kinda outlook.

Who am I to talk about this?

I work full-time as a Social Media Manager, and I freelance for a variety of creative, purpose-led entrepreneurs (including dancers, artists, relationship coaches and meditation teachers).

I help my clients use digital marketing to improve their brand awareness, build loyal tribes, and massively boost sales. I also coach these folks to help them shift their mindset and become more business-oriented. You can check out my client testimonials for my coaching and consulting services right here.

I have extensive qualifications and CPD certifications in:

  • Social media marketing (organic and paid)
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • PPC (pay-per-click marketing)
  • Email marketing
  • Copywriting

You can also take a look at my monthly growth reports, where I write about the strategies I’m using for each project I’m working on. And feel free to check out me out on Facebook and Instagram.

This right here is my sacred space to share everything I’ve learnt with you.

My glorious mish-mash of interests and expertise has helped me form incredible techniques, strategies and resources to get you where you want to be: making a profit for a purpose.

Namaste, baby.